Altar Workers Ministry

The Altar Workers are available to pray for those who have special needs and to offer encouragement and prayer for those who are seeking the HolyGhost.


Mens Ministry

Men of the church providing assistance to the Pastor.

Announcement Ministry

Keeps members informed of activities and events happening within the church and community.


Missionary Department Ministry

Conduct an in-reach and out-reach ministry to assist those in need and provide encouragement.

Arts and Drama

Performs skits and plays for Easter and Christmas Holidays.
Mime Ministry: Offers an opportunity for children to praise the Lord through mime.


Music, Praise and Worship Ministry

Ushers in the presence of the Lord through music and songs.

Baptismal Ministry

Prays with, counsels new candidates and baptizes them in the name of Jesus Christ.


New Saints

Class, taught by the Pastor, to benefit new converts and instruct them in the Apostolic doctrine.


Assists people in the community and the congregation with needs.



Publish a monthly church newsletter which will provide another method for getting the word out on upcoming and current events in the church and community.


Provides food, cards, makes home visits and offers assistance to members who have lost a loved one.


Nursing Home

Members of the Youth Department visits the elderly in nursing homes to encourage them and take them small gifts.

Card Ministry

Sends out "thinking of you" cards, "missing you" cards or cards of encouragement to members who are missing from Sunday service.


Parking Ministry

Directs guests to designated parking spots. Welcomes guests and members to service by opening the door with a smile.

Childrens Ministry

Have a childrens church for children between the ages of 4 to 8 during Sunday morning service.


Pastoral Care

Organizes events during the year (appreciation, birthdays) to allow members to show their appreciation for all the Pastor and first lady does for the congregation.

Christian Education Ministry

Provides teaching opportunities through Sunday School and Bible Study.


Prayer Ministry

Meets at the church for prayer: Monday evenings at 6pm, Wednesday mornings at 10am and Saturday mornings at 8am.

Church Custodial Ministry

Maintains the building and outside grounds.

Soul Winning Ministry

Concentrate on going the extra mile to bring souls into the church, by conducting Home Bible Study sessions and assisting other ministries in the church in their efforts to minister to lost souls.

Community Outreach

Goes out into the community every third Saturday of the month to spread the Good News and invite souls to church.


Transportation Ministry

Make sure members and guests who need transportation to church services are able to receive it.

Deacons Ministry

Performs duties in support of the Pastor.


Welcome Ministry

Welcomes guests and members to church services inside the vestibule doors. Distributes guest cards to first-time guests.

Health Ministry

Commit to promoting good health and providing information to members for leading a healthier life.


Usher Ministry

The ushers work to insure the smooth flow of people traffic during church service, assist in collection of Sunday morning offering.
Junior Ushers: Youth between the ages of 12 and 17.

Home Bible Study

Provide an in-Bible Study for family members and for those who are interested in hearing the Word, but are not yet ready to come to the church.


Youth Ministry

Provide teaching, activities and opportunities for the youth to fellowship, serve the church and the community.

Hospitality Ministry

Provides gifts and information to our guests. Maintains hospitality/information table after service on Sundays.


Womens Ministry

Provide an avenue for women of ETC to fellowship, and come together in unity and have an in-reach and an out-reach.

Marriage Counseling

Conduct seminars to provide guidance to couples.